About the school

The Swedish school is a private school and the parents’ council is the head board. The council elects a board that is utterly responsible for the maintenance of the school. The board employs the school director who leads the pedagogic work and is responsible for the daily work. The financing of the school comes from both pupil tuition and state finances.

A lovely atmosphere that gives good results

Here, we have a lovely environment thanks to the close cooperation between teachers, pupils and parents. The good contact between teachers and pupils creates safety and reinforces a positive school work with good results in an international environment.

In our schoolyard children from all ages and a vary of nationalities co-exist. The “play languages” between the children are Swedish, Spanish and English which of course also helps to build up their language abilities.



Teaching regulations and language

The school follows the Swedish teaching regulations. The main language is Swedish but the pupils are already in year 1 exposed to English, Spanish and Swedish.

Catalan is voluntary for those of the pupils that already have a good level of Spanish.

Spanish, is taught every day in the form of conversation and as regular education, reading, writing, speaking and listening. Additionally some of the other subjects are taught partly in Spanish or English. The English language is approached in a natural way and the older students do a musical or speakers of English rises the linguistic level. The school has multiple pupils that have English as their native language.

Approximately 40% of education is held in another language than Swedish.

Physical education is a popular and appreciated subject. Two times a week we go to an equipped sports center, spend the time on the beach or in the nearby Bellver woods. In addition to the regular activities the pupils get to try sailing, canoeing, windsurfing, swimming and riding.

Mixed age groups with individually designed education

In the Swedish school in Palma we work with mixed age groups and shrive to offer an individually designed education with high quality for all of gives our students. Small groups give our engaged teachers greater possibilities to give each and every one of the students the opportunity to develop in relationship to their own special conditions and needs.



High class education

Reports and evaluations from the students that have quit or moved to Swedish schools indicate that the school gives high class education.
“The best school I have gone to” and “I was one year more advanced than my fellow students”.

The Balearic school inspection reported that the Swedish school was the international school that has the best Spanish education. The school education is approved by both Swedish and Spanish authorities. This means that ii is no problem to change between Swedish and Spanish schools under the circumstances that the student has an adequate language skills.

As necessary as it is to know enough Swedish to study at a Swedish school is it to know Spanish and perhaps Catalan to be able to attend a Spanish school.


We are members of the Friends cooperation. A peer support group with teachers and students plan activities to increase community and solidarity.